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Glossary of Terms

 This page is intended to act as a translation point for any industry specific jargon!

We try to keep our language to informal English however industry terminology sneaks out there sometimes, here's a list of frequently referenced terms - if there are any references in our copy that you are not clear about  please do not hesitate to ask us, we will gladly explain!

Mullion - Aluminium upright support structure

Frame - Collection of mullions

Clip - Extruded aluminium component used to secure Louvre at desired angle

Flat Bar -  Fixed application between mullions or within a frame

Actuator- Electrical motor to open and close Louvres, able to set angle as required

Sensor- Controls the operation of the actuator for convenient operation of the system to protect furniture from the elements

RHS - Rectangular hollow section

Tee Section - Extruded aluminium support, acts as a mullion to provide support

Fixed - the Louvre angle is set as required, once it is set it cannot be changed

Operable - the angle of the Louvre can be changed, to desired angle