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At Louvre Systems we offer control of your environment with style. Bring a new level of comfort to your everyday environment with this method of shading large panes of glass. 

While there are many alternatives to sunshield louvres such as awnings, sails, and air conditioning, nothing will beat our stylish sunshield louvres. Sunshield louvres from Louvre Systems are specifically designed to provide the ideal solution for temperature control, whether you want to lessen the summer heat or maximise light in winter. Our sunshield louvres are primarily external features, but can also be used indoors to create the design features you desire.

 Vertical or Horizontal Placement Customisations 

Our sunshield louvre systems can be aligned to place your louvres either horizontally or vertically.  Other customisations include an endless range of colours to suit your needs, and the ability  to choose between a fixed position, adjustable and operable systems. Depending on your requirements, your sunshield louvres from Louvre Systems can be manual, motorised or remote control. We can even install sensors that adjust automatically to the climate without you lifting a finger.

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